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These handpainted portraits will rival commissioned oils, but at an affordable price. Unlike freehand portraits, the likeness of the subject can be GUARANTEED and QUALITY assured !!.
The image and photographic quality is not sacrificed by artist interpretation, but painstakingly maintained by careful application of transparent and opaque oils.
Venetian Arts has developed and perfected the art of maintaining photo realistic quality with the look and feel of freehand art. Using time proven materials and techniques, our artists will create a portrait that will rival the work of the masters. Available is sizes ranging from miniatures to 40x60".

Wholesale Pricing Available to Professional Photographers
A light oil consists of a transparent application of color on a sepia toned fiber based print. This style of oil painting is best requested when a delicate or soft look is desired. It is often used to duplicate the tinted images prior to color photography and is suitable for babies, baby panels, or when an almost watercolor effect is desired. The oil is applied with lambs wool or polyester and does not have any brush strokes.
Deluxe Oils are an economical alternative to the Masterpiece Oil. The same artist quality workmanship is used to apply opaque and transparent oil to a fibre based print mounted to either a 3x process board or 3/16" Gatorboard. Deluxe oils share the same painterly characteristics as a Masterpiece Oil but without the canvas texture. They may be painted smoother and more photographic should the client choose this look. Often this is the best choice for paintings that will be displayed in public forums.
Artist quality oil handpainted directly on 100% cotton canvas, stretched or mounted on gatorboard. A true work of art created with attention to every detail, and careful consideration of your photographic image.
Using a technique applying transparent and opaques oils, our artists can produce any style from illustrative to impressionistic, letting you set the style of painting most suited to your work and clients requests.
This oil will be the "top of the line" product in your offering of photographic services. Masterpiece Oils compete directly with freehand commissioned work at a a fraction of the cost, and will allow you to offer the highest quality product that will distinguish you from other photographic studios. Available in sizes up to 40x60"
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