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Each image is scanned and color corrected, with minor damage repaired, then digitally recorded on a DVD-r and includes music and titles.

Your DVD case will also include images that are in the slideshow.
MEMORY DVD - $1.45 per image
Videotape transfer to DVD - $30.00 (2 hours max.)
Transfer images to CD - $1.00 per image
Transfer audio tape to CD - $15.00
Copies of CD or DVD- $10.00 each
Don't let those slides, photos, and videos deteriorate ! ! !
Video to DVD Transfers
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Here is a short sample clip. Your Memory DVD can be up to two hours in length, and contain music and titles.
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Archive Years of Family Images to Digital DVD
From baby's first steps to last weekend's family gathering, preserve your treasured memories, by converting your VHS Tapes, Slides, and Photos to digital DVD.

Celebrate special events: Anniversaries, Birthdays, or Holidays. Memorialize a loved one, or record your family photo album.

Share these cherished moments on your Television, PC, or Online.